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Full Service Chrome Plating and Polishing

Custom Polish and Chrome Plating in Houston, Texas offers chrome, copper, nickel and gold electroplating for classic car and automotive parts, industrial equipment, antique restoration and any metal coating or resurfacing projects. All plating and polishing is done at our shop, we never send your piece off to another shop for work,


About the Process

Chrome plating is a process with methods that vary depending on the base metai  Custom Polish Chrome Plating lectroplates chromium, nickel, copper or gold onto the metal piece that is being plated. The basic electroplating process involves dissolving metal with a chemical solution, then running an electric current through the solution, which extracts the dissolved metal ions out of the solution and onto the part being  plated. The parts are hung on  hooks or racks and are dropp[ed into the plating tanks. The tanks vary in size from contain various solutions consisting of acids, bases, metals, organic chemicals, as well as water. An electric current runs through the anodes, passes through the various solutions in the process, and deposits metal on the part being plated.  Then you end up with the desired finish


Frequently Asked Questions

I am not in Houston. Can I get my parts plated?

Yes. We we provide service to customers all over the USA, Canada and around the world. We restore work for clients from every city in the UK. We can arrange domestic and International shipping.

What is your standard turnaround time?

We have different turn around times for different times of the year. On average turn around time can be anywhere from four to eight weeks, depending on the size of the project and number of parts. That said, we aim to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of our customers and every job is different, but once we receive your work, you will be given a confirmation of when your work should be completed

Do I have to prep my parts beforehand?

No. For us to produce the best possible finish, we need to do the preparation. Often customers think that shot blasting parts prior to sending is a helpful start. Sadly it is not. This would add labour time to the preparation as it gives an etch which takes longer to polish away than the smooth finish created by our chemical strip. All you need to do is to dismantle the parts as far as possible (remove over riders from bumpers, remove screws and fixings from handles and racks, that sort of thing.) and get them ready to send.

My piece is old. Can you remove all the rust and pit marks?

We work on pieces that can be vary old, and it's often the vintage parts that come out looking the best, due to the materials they were originally made with, like brass and steel, which can be restored to very hight standards. New parts like light fittings, newly fabricated parts or household items can also come out beautifully due to lack of oxidation or other damage  It is important to understand the process involved. Electroplating is applied in microns, which is extremely thin as an application. The skill lies in the polishing and there is a fine line between polishing enough metal away to remove the erosion, but not over polishing and causing the part to split, crack or make a hole. Our technicians will advise you encounter any issues with your pieces

My job is really small. Can you still do the work?

Most definitely.  No job is too small.  We have many individual customers with private projects who use our services.

What size items can you handle?

We use Itanks which can accommodate small or large parts. No job too big or too small.

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424 Hill Rd, Houston, TX 77037

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